Dlubak Specialty Glass manufactures a full line of bent glass (both tempered and laminated) as well as flat glass laminated, specialty and decorative glass.  All products meet or exceed both government standards and industry tolerances. Applications include architectural, residential, commercial, security, military, and hospitality.


Bullet Resistant Glass

Security Glass – Bullet Resistant – UL 752 Listed

Bullet resistant laminates offer a complete line of UL 752 listed no-spall ballistic protection.

Dlubak Corporation’s bullet resistant laminates offer a complete line of UL listed no-spall ballistic protection. From small hand guns to military assault rifles Dlubak has the right product for your project. Our ballistic laminates are in banks, gas stations, convenience stores and courthouses, as well as many high security government buildings.

We offer our standard laminates of all glass and glass/polycarbonate, but can also manufacture products to custom specifications.

All Glass Laminates

  • Cost Effective With Maximum Durability
  • UL Listed No-Spall Ballistic Protection
  • From Handguns to High-Powered Rifles
  • Constructed of Multiple Layers of Glass Bonded with PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) Interlayer.

Glass & Polycarbonate Laminates

  • Thinner and Lighter Alternative to All-Glass Products
  • Provide Full Range of UL Listed No-Spall Protection
  • Achieve Higher Levels of Ballistic Resistance Without Excessive Weight or Thickness
  • Use Where Thicker Make-Ups Will Not Fit Glazing Pocket
  • Lighter Material More Feasible For security doors or Portable Buildings.
  • Constructed of Multiple Layers of Glass Bonded by PVB(Polyvinyl butyral), With an Interior Surface of Mar-Resistant Polycarbonate Bonded to the Glass With Polyurethane

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