Dlubak Specialty Glass manufactures a full line of bent glass (both tempered and laminated) as well as flat glass laminated, specialty and decorative glass.  All products meet or exceed both government standards and industry tolerances. Applications include architectural, residential, commercial, security, military, and hospitality.



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Make Dlubak Specialty Glass Corporation your choice for Curved Glass & Specialty Flat Laminated and Insulating Glass Products

Blast Resistant

Armored Vehicles, Courthouses, Embassy


Curved Glass

Tempered & Annealed, Laminated, Insulated


Display Case

Jewelry, Refrigeration, Sneeze Guard, etc.


Edge work, Holes (NC machined) / Notches, Water-Jet Cutting


Graphics & Design

Logos, Sandblasting



DuPont Butacite® PVB, SentyGlas® and Spallshield®
Solutia Saflex® PVB, Saflex® HP, Vanceva™ Storm
Hyzod® Polycarbonate Sheet

Insulating / Bystronic Line (ASTM E 2190 Certified)
High Performance, Screen Printed / Spandrel, Security / Ballistic


Laminated Glass / Interlayer

Butacite® by DuPont – .015”, .030”, .060”, .090” interlayer
SentyGlas® by DuPont – .035”, .060”, .090”, .100” interlayer
Spallshield® by DuPont
Saflex® by Solutia – .015, .030”, .060”, .090” interlayer
Polyurethane interlayers
Colored PVB Interlayers by DuPont, Solutia (Vanceva™) and Trosifol


Security / Bullet Resistant

All Glass, Glass Clad Polycarbonate and all Polycarbonate Laminates
UL 752 Listed Ballistic Levels I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII
NIJ Ballistic Levels II, III, IIIA, IV
EN Ballistic Levels BR4, BR5, BR6, Br7
UL 9,10B &10C Classified Fire-Protection-Rated Gazing
UL CAN4-S104-10 & CAN4-S106-80 Classified Fire-Protection-Rated Gazing
Transparent Armor for Military Vehicles tested to the ATPD2352 Standard


Screen Printing

Dots, Holes, Stripes, Custom Patterns and Colors



Standard and Custom

Heat Strengthened and Tempered Glass
1/8” to 3/4” thickness