Dlubak Specialty Glass manufactures a full line of bent glass (both tempered and laminated) as well as flat glass laminated, specialty and decorative glass.  All products meet or exceed both government standards and industry tolerances. Applications include architectural, residential, commercial, security, military, and hospitality.


Bent Glass

Bent Architectural Glass

We Can Meet Your Bent Glass Specifications

Annealed, Tempered, Laminated and Insulating Glass Units

Dlubak is one of the country’s principal suppliers of bent or curved glass to the architectural glazing industry. We offer a full line of glass products for any architectural application. Our production capacity and ever-expanding processing capabilities allow us to offer you curved glass in a wide variety of sizes in many composites including laminate and energy efficient dual sealed insulating units. Dlubak’s curved glass is the product of choice for all architectural applications such as exterior vision and spandrel areas, skylights, solariums, covered walkways, interior walls and hand rails.


  • LAMINATED GLASS – with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or SentryGlas™
  • INSULATING GLASS – with or without certain Low-E glass
  • CLEAR GLASS – all types including LOW-IRON
  • TINTED GLASS – all substrates
  • SILK-SCREEN GLASS – ceramic frit patterns
  • SPANDREL GLASS – ceramic frit only
  • PATTERN GLASS – cutting patterns

(Seamed edges are standard for annealed bent glass. Polished and ground edges are available upon request for an added cost.)

All bent tempered will be priced with a flat polish. Flat polishing is an added charge.

Commercial coatings and Low-E glass are available.


  • Exterior Vision
  • Spandrel Areas
  • Insulating Glass Units (IGUs)
  • Skylights
  • Solariums
  • Covered Walkways
  • Interior Walls
  • Office Partitions
  • Handrails
  • Staircases
  • Balconies
  • Revolving Doors
  • Shower Doors

Girth (arc length) and height:

  • Monolithic and non-laminated curved insulating glass can be produced in sizes as large as 100” x 170”. However, shipping, handling, and safety considerations should influence the maximum size to be processed for a given project.
  • Laminated glass can be produced as large as 96” at the chord or “point to point” dimension. The height dimension can be 17′ or 204″ maximum

Maximum and minimum sizes depend on composition, glass plies, size, glass ply thickness and bend detail.

Thickness – NO Restrictions




1/8″ [3mm] X
3/16″ [5mm] X

Minimum Radius 39.4” [1000mm]

1/4″ [6mm] X

Minimum Radius 39.4” [1000mm]

5/16″ [8mm] X

Minimum Radius 47.2” [1200mm]

3/8″ [10mm] X

Minimum Radius 47.2” [1200mm]

1/2″ [12mm] X

Minimum Radius 59.1” [1500mm]

5/8” [16mm] X

Minimum Radius 78.7” [2000mm]

3/4″ [19mm]

Minimum Radius 78.7” [2000mm]

Annealed Tempered
Maximum Glass Size  60” [1524mm] Girth/Arch
x 120” [3048mm] Height
Larger sizes available
 98.4” [2500mm] Girth/Arc
x 137.8” [3500mm] Height
Minimum Glass Size No minimum size

23.6” [600mm] Girth/Arch
x  19.7” [500mm] High

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