Corporate Office Directory

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Dlubak Specialty Glass Corporation

Corporate Offices & Glass Fabrication Facility
520 Chestnut Street, P.O. Box 510
Blairsville, PA 15717

Toll Free: 1-800-336-0562
Local: 724-459-9540
Fax: 724-459-0866

Chris Cotton            General Manager                             
Steve Roach            Sales Manager                    Ext 215 
Product Departments
Security/Detention/Military/Bullet Resistant
Alan Mialki               Security Products    Mgr      Ext 263               
Curved/Bent Tempering Glass Products
Renee Ferrari          Bent Glazing Sales Mgr       Ext 223   
Sue Crownover       Customer Service                Ext 220  
Architectural Flat Glass Products
Mark Kearns            Architectural Sales              Ext 249  
Michael Crawford    Project Manager                  Ext 212  
Brian Romasco        Customer Service               Ext 214  
Christopher Cotton  Customer Service               Ext 246  
Brenda Muir             Credit/Accounting Mgr        Ext 229